PRIDE PARADE: Kevin Gallagher, Barbara Farrell, Michael B., Heidi and Shannon Gallagher and daughter Grace

I am running for City Court Judge because I feel that I am uniquely qualified due to my vast experience in Criminal Law.  City Court is primarily a criminal court with a small claims court part and housing court part. I have represented criminal clients in City Court for over 30 years.  In addition, I have represented clients in small claims and housing court in my private practice.  I was an attorney in the Public Defender's Office for seven years.  I have had my private practice for over 20 years and have continued to defend indigent criminal clients.  I have fought to protect the rights of thousands of clients during my career.  This included moving for suppression of the evidence and successfully taking many cases to jury trial.  I feel that it is necessary that the elected judge have experience representing criminal clients. Standing next to a client when a verdict comes in has a profound effect on an attorney, because you have lived with the case for months, know law and the client and the affect a verdict has on all of the parties.  This is important because in order to sit in judgment of another person's life, a judge should have the life experiences that enable her to have an understanding of how her decision affects both the victim and the defendant. I am an Attorney for Children.  I am the only candidate qualified to represent our children that have been sent to the new criminal Youth Part of Family Court.  This is because I have been certified as both an Attorney for Children and Violent Felony Certified. 

I am a lifelong resident of the City of Rochester.  I care about the people who live, work, recreate and patronize city businesses.  I chose to open my law firm in the City.  I have lived in the City my whole life. I am urban by choice and urban for life. I grew up on Rugby Ave. in the 19th Ward with my parents and nine siblings. My husband grew up on Rosalind St. in the 19th Ward with his parents and three siblings. We live in the South Wedge. As an urban person, I am familiar with the joys and problems that confront city dwellers. I have seen neighbors support each other during times of crisis and times of joy.  

I will be out and about asking for your vote.  The Primary is June 25, 2019 from Noon until 9:00 p.m.  Your vote is important. See you on June 25th.   



Associate Attorney, (former) Office of Angelo T. Calleri, Esq. general practice law firm. 

Assistant Public Defender (former): 7 years representing criminal defendants in the Monroe County Public Defender's Office

Barbara E. Farrell, Esq. Law Firm owner (Current): 23 years private practice Law Firm City of Rochester with office in The Powers Building.

specializing in Criminal Law, Family Law, Matrimonial Law   

              Special appointments: Attorney for Children Panel, Assigned Counsel Panel certified misdemeanor, Felony level A, B, C, D, E,  violent felony certified, Adolescent Offender certified panel dual violent felony and Attorney for Children certified. 

Areas of Practice: 

* Criminal Defense: represent criminal defendants in cases of traffic tickets, misdemeanors, non-violent and violent felonies.  Appointed to the Violent Felony Panel for assigned counsel indigent defendants. 

*Family Court Attorney: represent family court parents, grandparents in cases of custody and visitation, abuse and neglect cases. 

*Divorce Attorney: represent individuals in matrimonial matters.  

* Law Guardian/Attorney for the Child:  represent children in Juvenile Delinquency, Person in Need of Supervision, Certified Panel for Adolescent Offenders Youth Part "Raise the Age" Litigation/certified violent felony attorney and attorney for the child.  

*Practice includes representing individuals in Domestic Violence Court, Integrated Domestic Violence Court, Drug court, Judicial Diversion Court, Veterans Court, Mental Health Court.  

PRIMARY: June 25, 2019 from Noon to 9:00 p.m.